internshipInternships in Purple Stone Academy

At Purple Stone Academy we offer professional work experience in our company.

A professional internship provides unpaid work experience in an English speaking environment in the same field of study as the candidate’s studies.

Work experience placements are generally available in marketing, market research, graphic design, product development, and office work.

An internship can be taken in combination with an English language course at our school in East London, or, for students with excellent English language skills, on its own.

There is a minimum level of English of Intermediate level required in order to be able to be given this opportunity.
Most internships will last minimum 3 months, Monday to Friday, for 5 hours a day, but in exceptional circumstances, shorter periods can be arranged.

During the period of work experience, interns may be given a variety of tasks of different kinds – ranging from challenging project work to routine administrative tasks such as publishing our school or accommodation on different websites, translating documents, distributing leaflets, creating flyers, writing and researching content for our magazine.
As a ‘volunteer’, interns will not be paid. Above all, candidates should remember that while they are learning linguistic and professional skills, they will be expected to contribute as an employee might.

Jobs and Career Advice

careeradvice_purplestoneAdvice and Support

Purple Stone Academy offers you support and careers advice in finding your first job, setting up a bank account, getting a NINO (national insurance number), etc.

CV writing

We can help you by writing your CV to the UK standards.

Applications to jobs

We can apply for you for certain jobs in our area of expertise, such as in the hotel, catering, nanny, au pair and cleaning roles.


We can offer training in certain courses that relate to the hotel and catering industries. We can also point you in the right direction for nanny, and au pair roles.

We can offer a 30 minute consultation of CV writing and advice if you book minimum 6 weeks of courses. Booking is required.
Please get in touch with us for further details at

Or visit


2Close to the tube Station and within 15-20 minutes to the school

All the accommodation we provide is within 1-10 minutes from the tube station and within 15-20 minutes from our school by bus or train station. The rooms to rent are based around Westferry, Canary Wharf, Bow, Limehouse, East India.
Live with Young, Friendly, Multilingual – mainly European Students and Young Professionals

Our houses have mainly students and young professionals from Europe. We carefully select the people who live in our houses in order to ensure balance and harmony.

All Bills included

We offer rooms to rent with all bills included because we want to offer peace of mind to our students.

Support within 24 hours

We always try to get back to you and start resolving any problems you may have within 24 hours. We make it our priority to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Minimum stay applies

We usually have a minimum stay of three months plus 6 weeks notice. Please get in touch if you need a room for a shorter period.