I like the course here because it is not expensive and it is very good. I came here two months ago and I was able to find a job in a restaurant because I improved my English at Purple Stone Academy”
I love my teacher. She is so fun and we laugh so much at class. I recommend Purple Stone Academy to anyone”
I think the course is very good and the teacher is amazing. There are also very few people per class and that is why you learn a lot more in an hour than at other places”
Hi everybody. My name is amina. I came to purple stone academy to study English .it’s a really good school. The teachers are friendly and helpful. I improved my English very quickly in a short time. The student come from all over the world, I have the opportunity to do new friendships Enjoy coming in it is so good AMINA. Algeria student at P.S.A
“Hi, I am Marinela. I startedStudying English at Purple Stone Academy in August and within six weeks I managed to get a job as a barista because I improved my speaking and I also took some career advice and interview techniques from Lily at Purple Stone Career Advice. I highly recommend the school and the career advice!
Marinela has studied English with Purple Stone Academy for six weeks.”
“I started my studies a month ago and I improved so much. My vocabulary is so much better. I am so happy! I can now find a better job!”
“I started studying here 2 weeks ago and I learned a lot. I am very happy with the courses! I think I will find a job soon!”
Amira, Russia
“I chose Purple Stone Academy because the teachers are very professional and they lead the classes very well. The classes were funny and at the same time very productive. Lily is the best teacher!”
“I believe that the study method that makes this school is suitable for all people because the lessons are simple and remain in the mind because they are made ​​with joy. Mine experience is so great because I got to London without knowing the English, and today I can already attend an interview”
“Hi, my name is Isaac. I am studying in Purple Stone Academy and this is a very nice experience of my life. It is very important to learn English and I am very happy with the course”
“Purple Stone Career Advice helped me to improve my English skills and find a job. I found a job after two weeks of coming to England! Thanks so much Miss Lily! Purple Stone Career Advice gives so many opportunities in London!
Julien Collas studied English at Purple Stone Academy. He was also advised by us about how to find a job. Within two weeks he was able to get a job as a waiter.”
“Me llamo David y esta es mi cuarta semana en Purple Stone Academy.Mi nivel de ingles era muy bajo,era imposible poder mantener una conversacion de mas de diez palabras,en este poco tiempo me he sentido como en casa,el trato es muy personalizado,las clases muy amenas y te ayudan a mejorar en todos aspectos de la lengua inglesa como gramatica,pronunciacion...En solo cuatro semanas estoy notando como estoy mejorando muy rapidamente y puedo desenvolverme en cualquier situacion de la vida cotidiana.Estoy muy agradecido por la paciencia,profesionalidad,apoyo y dedicacion de mi profesora Lily”
Pier Porcu, Italy
“Hi everyone, I really liked the courses at Purple Stone Academy. I studied English for 2 weeks, but I really felt I improved my speaking. The classes are interactive and dynamic and I really recommend them!”
“Hi guys, I studied at Purple Stone Academy. This course is really good because the teacher is really good and you learn really fast!
“The lessons are great and fun. The best thing is that I remember a lot from what we study because we learn with special methods”
“Hello, everyone. I am Miguel and I have been studying at Purple Stone Academy. I like the classes very much because they are very interactive and you can improve your English very fast!
“I studied in this school for 5 months, it was an amazing experience, I enjoyed it very much. The teachers are very competent. I improved my English very quickly. I recommend this school to anyone
“Hello, everyone. I am studying English at Purple Stone Academy and I am very happy to study here because we learn English very well because we have a wonderful teacher, so come to Purple Stone Academy! You are welcome!”
“Hi, I am Lisa. I attended Purple Stone Academy in the first month that I arrived in London. It is a really good school and the teachers are friendly and helpful with all the students. I learned a lot of things here. I highly recommend this school! I enjoy coming here because there are not many people so I improved a lot in a short time. One of the teachers corrected my CV and I am now in a better position to find a job
Lisa has studied English with Purple Stone Academy for four weeks. She could not speak English well, and she was keen to get a job quickly so that she can progress in her work.”
Hi, my name is Fernando. I came to Purple Stone Academy to study English a few months ago, because I wanted to be able to find a job in Spain using my English. I was amazed at the level of dedication, support, encouragement and help that the teachers were offering there. It is a very small school and that is why I improved my English very quickly here!
Fernando has studied with Purple Stone Academy for two months. His English was at an intermediate level, yet he wanted to be able to improve his English so that he can get a better job.
“I love studying here. I started studying here three months ago. When I started studying, my English was very bad. I liked the fact that I was given a learning programme so that I knew what to focus on. I used to find the accent of the English people very hard to understand but I am getting much better thanks to the dedication of my teacher at Purple Stone Academy! The thing I like most is that we learn and we also have a great time!
“I like the school very much. The staff are very friendly and open. I feel very comfortable studying in London, especially as we are provided with all the necessary things to do that
Marcony has studied with us for three months. He was unable to speak any English when he started the course and now he is able to return to his country having improved his English.”