Learn RealquickTM Individual study programme

When you sign up for any of our courses, we assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you the RealquickTM individual study programme so that you can achieve your objectives fast. You will learn about accelerated learning techniques.

Learn English Fast

Our School uses accelerated learning techniques in order to get students to learn fast with our own Learn RealquickTM method.

1Personalised attention

Our courses are priced very competitively, especially considering the level of personal attention we give to each student. Our teachers are always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide support for meeting your needs. You can keep all the learning materials. Free tea and coffee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will improve your English that with our lessons that, if after you had your Individual Study Programme, and you had participated in your first lesson, you don’t like our system, we will give you a full refund.


You will benefit from one to one coaching sessions with our teachers. (choose the frequency of your coaching sessions according to your membership level)This is one of the most important sessions as it helps you become focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

Our School


We ensure that all our classes are tailored to your unique needs. All our English courses are structured to cater for your level, ability and overall objectives.


Purple Stone Academy is an English language school geared towards helping foreign students improve their English fast so that they can get work and continue their study.


We provide you with English language lessons, support networks and accomodation so that you can meet your educational needs.


Our English School offers you The Learn Realquick MethodTM for Learning English Fast that will enable you to: Speak English, Read with confidence, Improve your Pronunciation, Listening and Writing.

2.3aDynamic Activities

Learn English with dynamic classroom and social activities! We use the technique called ‘change of state’ in order to maximise the learning experience.

Our Teachers

3aFully Trained
Our Teachers are fully trained and have plenty of experience to teach our Learn RealquickTM teaching Method.

Our teachers have had experience with a whole variety of levels and will develop a personalised learning programme for you.

Our teachers are friendly and always happy to help you achieve your objectives.

Their aim is to equip you with skills to understand the language on a more intuitive level. We “edutain”, which means that we educate while entertaining you as well.

Dynamic Activities
3.3a‘As a teacher, I am constantly given challenges with every student that I come across. My overall teaching skills and skill set have improved because of the different needs, backgrounds, skill sets and demands that are unique to each individual student. Purple Stone Academy offers a great environment for advancing rapidly in the study of English, because it gives each student a tailored approach to learning English. You can expect to have a much higher rate of achievement simply because the class sizes are very small, averaging 4 to 6 students (maximum 12) which means the attention from the teacher will be much greater for each individual student!’

Our Students

Our Students come from all over the world. Most of them are commonly from Europe, especially Spain, Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Portugal.

Our Students are generally young people looking for short courses to improve their English quickly before getting a job or looking to further their study.

All students are looking to make new friendships and are happy to participate in our social activities.